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Business services

We have prepared a wide range of professional business services on the basis of extensive experience and trust built up over the years with various companies. Starting with complex fleet service, through a number of logistic services and ending with vehicle rental.

We approach all contracts reliably and professionally, therefore each of them is fully insured and operated by professional and carefully selected drivers. This assures unique opportunity to take on various types of tasks regardless the type of vehicle and the location.
The great number of orders executed allowed us to not only gain experience, but to also built the best network of service points providing the highest quality of service — starting with auto shops, through tire services, car washes and detailing studios.

In order to grant the most complex service our company collaborates with numerous authorized car dealerships all over the country.


Fleet service

Big group of highly-qualified drivers combined with an extensive network of cooperating a car services, washes and detailing studios allows us to offer professional and complex vehicle fleet service. Leave it to us!


License plates

We have the ability, skill and a team of professional jockeyes?, who are able to swiftly register vehicles anyplace in the country. We focus greatly both on meticulously performance of the tasks as well as their fast paced action. Leave it to us!


Tire service

Seasonal tire replacement. Starting with booking an appointment in one of the cooperating auto shops/services, all the way up to the logistics process. Our drivers will pick up and drop off the vehicle in the locations appointed by the customer. Leave it to us!


Car wash

Working with a network of professional hand car washes guarantees the highest standard of provided services — from booking the appointment and vehicle’s transfer. Our drivers will pick up and drop off the vehicle in the locations designated by the customer. Leave it to us!



We assessed and carefully selected the best auto detailing studios, which ensures the exquisite quality of the offered service and high customer satisfaction. We will take care of the logistics. Leave it to us!


Vehicle service

Ccar trouble or a visit to motor vehicle diagnostic station? We provide transport to the auto servicing appointed by the customer/you or can schedule an appointment in one of the shops we cooperate with. Leave it to us!


Airport transfer

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Van rental

We offer high range vehicles — delivery trucks as well as family vans. We will find a vehicle tailored to you starting with ones designated for conference services, all the way to those adapted to transport of all types of goods and materials. Leave it to us!


Vehicle transfer

We are proud to have a broad group of professional drivers, which allows us to smoothly and safely carry out various tasks of vehicle relocation. Regardless of the location and vehicle type we guarantee the highest quality of the service provided. Leave it to us!

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